13 Undeniable Reasons to Play Chess


Have you ever wondered why there are lot of people who have a passion for playing chess? This phenomenon might make you question, what is so great about chess that makes these people so fascinated with it. To answer this question for you, below are just some of the numerous reasons why these people love the exciting and difficult game of chess.

Chess is a game of individuals from all walks of like. Anyone of any age can learn how to play this game well, even great. Unlike other sports, there is no reason to stop playing. You can play until you are 80 and only get better as you get older.

Chess enhances remembering. The theory of Chess is centered on interlinking and age most players will learn various opening variations. Also, you will learn many different patterns and memorize large variations.

Chess develops your ability to concentrate. When playacting chess you focus on one thing and that is to take your opponents king or as they say in chess, put your opponent into check mate.

Chess enhances analytic and logical thinking. Chess requires some good knowledge of tactics and ability to think logically. You must be able to learn how to use techniques in order to take the king. Though it is impossible not to make mistakes in chess, it is ok and is a lot like real life in that each decision will have a consequence or a reward.

Chess improves thinking power and imagination. It motivates a person to be smarter and think harder. There are indefinite quantities of chess move combinations that are and will always be created.

Chess encourages independence. An individual playing and learning Chess is forced to make meaningful decisions they are solely responsible for.

Chess improves the ability to foretell and look at potential consequences of an action. It will force you to look at situations from all directions before making a final decision.

Chess arouses self-motivation. It promotes the desire for the finest run, the large victory, the most gratifying outcome beyond what you thought were the only possibilities. It persuades the unending pursuit of perfection, pushing you to reach victory each and every time.

Chess enhances academic performance and grades. Numerous studies have shown evidences that kids reach a greater level of reading, math ability and a higher acquisition capability in part because of the activity of Chess. For all of the reasons already mentioned above, kids do better in school and have an overall better chance at succeeding in life.

Chess opens you up to a whole new world. You don’t have to be the best to entertournaments. Tournaments like the World Open and US Open receive players of different levels of skill. If you keep at it, this game will afford you the opportunity to travel the world and meet a ton of great people. It is well worth it.

Chess gives the opportunity to meet a ton of interesting people. You can create long-term friendships with individuals that you meet while playing Chess.

Chess is inexpensive. You do not need any pricey equipment to play this game. In fact, you might just require a computer. Also, it is great to play chess with your family at home.

Chess is a ton of fun! It is not a simple board game, but it may be one of the most rewarding. Every chess game is unequalled as you come up with new ideas and move variations for each and every game. It definitely never gets boring.

So in conclusion, Chess is a lot of things! So there is no reason not to start learning to play it now. It is a decision you will not regret and you will have something you can enjoy and share with your friends and family for a lifetime.

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