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Our Personal Rating: 4.63/5 stars

This chess set is a wonderfully detailed collectible carved of solid hornbeam wood. Each chess piece is individually handcrafted. Folding Birch wood chess board stows away your chess pieces inside when your not playing. Made from renewable plantation wood.

Wegiel Ambassador European Chess Board Game (Toy)

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Amazon Review 1:

The board was definitely a good purchase. The detail on each piece and the detail on the board is 5 star. The board is thin, but aside from that its a great set.

Amazon Review 2:
This was a gamble purchase. Frankly the price was hard to believe in the context of the few reviews that had been submitted. That said the pictures of the product seemed to back up the reviews so I took the gamble.

This is a hand carved wooden chess set which comes in its own box which doubles as a fold out chess board. The details on the pieces and board are exquisite, if you’re looking for the hand-made look. By this I mean there are subtle differences in the carvings and markings of the “identical” pieces. To me this adds charm to the set. The chess pieces themselves are fairly large but unweighted. If you’re looking for a championship weight chess set this is not it. However, if you have young ones who like to throw things this lack of weight is a distinct advantage. The case/board is laminated in dark and light wood to provide the board with a border of dark wood which is both carved and branded to provide decoration. The craftsmanship is excellent. The board top is light and would probably be damaged if it was hit with something heavy. It would not survive the attentions of a 3 year old armed with a mallet/Tonka toy/or any of the other items 3 years old tend to hit things with. That said if you can keep it away from rumbunctious children and are looking for an out of the ordinary, decorative chess set that screams “artisan made” and is highly playable this fits the bill nicely. We were so impressed by this set we purchased a second as a present for a family of chess players.

Amazon Review 3:
This is a beautifully crafted set. I now see how the others are saying that the pieces should be weighted. That was an easy fix with a trip to the hardware store and craft store. I attached a small circular weight and thick felt material on the bottom and they slide smooth and feel more sturdy. My sons and I play a few games a day with this set and are really enjoying it. As for the dividers in the board; that could be better as well, but I will wait to replace that.

Amazon Review 4:
The Ambaasador Chess Set and Board is an attractive hand crafted product combining high quality and ecological materials.The wood used is high quality plantation grown.

The board is wonderfully detailed with detail surrounding the algebraic notations and the pieces include distinctive kings and queens.

The pictures above do a good job of depicting the actual product.

The hinged board is of good size and quality with storage inside for the pieces although the surfaces are seemingly thin and therefore somewhat fragile. It seem’s you could easily punch a hole in or the crack the board if you were’nt careful and inadvetently applied too much force to the surface.

Therefore I suggest this set for display or adults in an non-tournament environment.

The pieces are of a very good size and quality and are hand crafted although not weighted.

I purchased this set as a collectible for purposes of display and the occasional gameplay with my chess aficiondo friends.

I actually use a tournament grade set with triple weighted pieces purchased from USCF for actual gameplay.

At the time of my purchase, shipping was free.

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