Classic Wood Folding Chess Set


Our Personal Rating: 4.33/5 stars

Deluxe Wood Chess Set with 16″ x 16″ beautiful high quality folding, felted and padded, inlaid wood chess board with 1 3/4″ squares and 3″ King. Chessmen are hand-carved in the classic Staunton style.
15″ X 15″ folding inlaid wood chess board with 1 3/4″ squares and 3″ King.

Amazon Review 1:

my children love this game! My nine year old talks her four year old brother into playing for longer than he’s usually interested in. And my four old says, oh yeah, I’m going to kick your b–t! Only complaint is that the king and queen need better crowns. I told my daughter “that’s a cross on the king.” She looked back and forth at the queen and king and said, “what’s a cross?” And we know what a cross is.

Amazon Review 2:
For those really enamored with the game of chess, it is nice to be able to take it with you to the beach or lake, vacation, or on a trip without losing the pieces or having to hear them make noise inside the box.

This set is wood with a rich finish of dark brown and a light beige. The pieces are wooden and are of the same hue as the squares on the board. They are kept in place by a stretchy band that keeps the pieces firmly in place during transit against a felt wall. A small metal clasp ensures the box doesn’t open at inopportune moments.

I bought this for my great nephew, Samuel Adam, who, I discovered this past Christmas has taken a liking to chess. I happened to get him a gift that introduces the player to the game, and explains each piece, as well as some gifts that turned out to be below his age level. This is the first step in assuaging my guilt and the first step in what I will assume will be a number of sets he will own in his life. This is not paper and it is not alabaster or ivory. It’s just right.

Besides, he’s just a great kid, and I want to get it for him.

Amazon Review 3:
I really enjoyed this chess set but a little downside is the storage band is a little loose so it doesn’t do 100% of its job, but anyways other than that I can store the pieces with the plastic bags it came with. I highly recommend buying this.

Amazon Review 4:
This is a very well thought-through chess set for a beginner, especially a kid. The board is comfortably big while not too large, so it is possible for a kid to “see” it without moving the eyes from side to side, and it is very important for developing strategic assessment skills in the game. The figures are clearly distinct and have classic shapes, so the differentiation is never an issue. I would certainly recommend this set for a family where a child is learning to play chess. Adult players may want a slightly larger set, but this one is perfectly built for 7-12 year olds.

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