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Our Personal Rating: 4.91/5 stars

Chess 4 allows four players. Same rules, same playing pieces, just played by up to four people. Chess Four is the world’s most accepted non-traditional chess set. Chess is no longer a battle.

John N. Hansen: Chess 4 (Toy)

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Amazon Review 1:

I tried this game with 3 other people and it is totally awesome!! As soon as you checkmate someone, you get to control all of their pieces! As you can infer, it gets very good with only 2 people left, each controlling 2 chess sets. Overall, this game is the bomb. The best part is being able to play 2-4 people at once.

Amazon Review 2:
I’ve only played once so far because it takes a little over two hours to play if you’ve got good opponents. Normal chess is like “how can I manuever around this person while avoiding their attacks” while this is like “I’m in the center of chaos”. If you aren’t watching everything, every second, you’re done for. One person I was playing with had another person’s queen surrounded with 2 of his own knights and a knight he had captured, and player 2 went to move his queen towards a king, paying acute attention to whether he would put himself in a spot where any of those three knights could kill him. He took his fingers off his queen finally, after determining he was safe, and I killed him with a pawn. This game is intense, I love it.

Amazon Review 3:
The 4 Way chess game is an awesome “social” experience. My friends couldn’t believe how much fun it was to play. At first we got the rules wrong – which I admit was even more fun than when we played the “right” way. It may intimidate some players, but novices love the idea of having your pieces fly all over the board causing chaos. This game turns bad players into bad and dangerous players!

Amazon Review 4:
I played this game alot back in college, 15 years ago. We had single player and team tournaments, which were fantastic. I must admit that I often won but I probably had more standard chess experience then others. I developed a ridiculous opening to beat any player next to me within three to six moves. With slight modifications, I could even hide it from others who expected it. The very soul of competitive chess tournaments. Yes, some games do take time but in college dorms where most of your free time might be spent confined together, time is rarely a factor. Great for families too including those extended holiday get-togethers.

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