Super Mario Chess Set


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It’s a battle for the mushroom kingdom. Mario and bowser are battling it out once again. This time in the classic strategy game of chess. Chess, super mario. Pick your team and take control of 32 hand-painted playing pieces. This one of a kind game is as much fun to play as it is to display.

The classic game of chess takes a wacky turn with those video game characters, Super Mario Brothers. Features 32 highly-detailed authentic chess pieces and a themed chess board. Everything comes packed in a collector’s tin.

Chess Super Mario (Toy)

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Amazon Review 1:

My kids are Nintendo fans. And I’m a fan of uncommon chess sets. This product combines both interests. The pieces are bright and sturdy. Immediately there were several chess challenges flying back and forth. While I agree with some reviewers that it’s odd to have male queens and the 2 females serve as bishops, it would be just as odd to have Daisy be the queen for the “bad” side.
This set has appeal for kids and adults. A definite buy if you’re a chess-loving Nintendo fan!

Amazon Review 2:
My son bought this set because he loves both chess and Mario. He has been very happy with his purchase! I think the pieces are cute and well-made. You can tell that the paint may rub off with excessive handling over time; however, it seems to be holding up pretty well. He plays with it for uses other than chess, too (pretend play, make believe, etc.), and the characters are well suited for that. The piece assignments would not necessarily make sense (e.g., Bowser Jr. as queen), but all pieces are labeled with their designation. After a few games you remember them anyway. So far, my son is very pleased with the purchase and has no regrets!

Amazon Review 3:
This is an excellent chess. The figures are very good. You can found all the characters of Super Mario Bros. The details in the figures are incredible, the quality is very good. Even if you don’t play chess, you will get a complete set of the Super Mario Bross’ characters for collectors.

Amazon Review 4:
My soon-to-be 5 year old son had set his heart on a Super Mario Galaxy birthday cake. After much shopping, I found this chess set and hoped I could use the pieces to decorate the cake. When it arrived I was very pleased with the quality of the packaging (it actually comes in a sturdy tin with a lid) and the pieces themselves. The pieces are of a very durable plastic, the colors are vivid, and the detailing is great. While my kids are too young to actually play chess, this set is now their favorite toy. They make up stories for the characters to act. I had no idea the cake decorations would wind up being his favorite present!

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March 22, 2012

Mario Chess @ 12:27 pm #

It is a really cool set.

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