Tips For Choosing A Chess Set


With so many different styles, sizes, qualities and of course the all important price ranges of chess sets available online, it can be a daunting task to choose the right board for your needs. In order to do so, you need to first identify how you will use your future chess set. Next you will want to decide on whether you value sturdy and reliable equipment or put more value on the uniqueness and artistry of the chess set. Finally, once you have determined these two important things you will want to decide how much you are comfortable spending on a chess set. If you know exactly what you are looking for with regards to these three things it will make the chess set buying process a lot less daunting and a lot more fun.

It is important to be sure how you will use your chess set so that you can get the right type to fit your needs. Is it going to be just for show to class up a room in your house or is it going to get significant use. Will it be used primarily by adults and avid chess players or will it be more for kids and leisure playing. Or maybe you plan on travelling with the set often or playing with the set outdoors. These are all factors you will want to consider when purchasing a chess set. If you know the chess set will be facing some rough conditions or users, aka kids, then you obviously won’t want to purchase a chess board constructed from the finest woods with hand carved and painted chess pieces. But if you are purchasing the set more for show, then this may be the way to go. If you are planning on travelling often with the chess set you will want a good sturdy chess board and chess pieces and possibly a set that comes with its own travel bag. You can easily see that once you identify how you will be using your chess set, the type of chess set you should be buying will become much more apparent.

Whether you purchase a very nice, high quality, unique chess board or a standard Staunton type board and pieces is really up to personal preference. As noted above, it is not recommended to buy very nice chess equipment for certain uses and situations. However, if that is how you want to roll, no one is going to stop you. We all like to stand out and even if we aren’t the greatest chess player, we could still impress people with our fancy chess equipment.

The final consideration is of course the price. Generally you can purchase a pretty nice chess set for $100 to $200. In that price range you will have a choice of many different styles of wood used for the chess board as well as some very nice looking wooden chess pieces. For under $100 you can still get some pretty nice wooden sets or if you are just a beginner, some very nice plastic sets. Of course for the nicer chess equipment, the more you will have to pay. If you know your budget, this will make finding your new chess set, chess board or chess pieces much easier.

Keeping these three things in mind, you will undoubtedly find the perfect chess board for your needs. Don’t be afraid to splurge a little bit if you plan on playing a lot of chess. You will be happy with your investment. And that is the key, being happy with your investment.

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